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Remove Trojan, Spyware, Virus or Malware using

Anti Spyware Software

Download the software to remove the Trojan. Spyware or Malware automatically from the computer.


Follow the Steps to remove Virus, Spyware & Malware.

Once the Download Now Button shown above is clicked, a dialog box would be displayed and from here save file option is to be selected for the software to be downloaded. Once the installation process is completed, program icon could be found on the desktop from where it can be executed.

Upon launching the software & starting the scan process all infections that exist in the system could be revealed as in shown in the image below and can be cleaned from there easily.

The Software provides lots of security measures and protection level settings that can make your computer completely protected from all kinds of PC Threats.


Activate license key to remove detected virus, Trojan & associated malicious threats with ease.

And Once the same is done you need to reboot the PC for the changes to be restored and your PC made free of viruses & the problems so caused.

During the installation and downloading automatic removal tool, if you are facing some unsighted error messages  that the automatic Virus Removal Tool cannot be installed or cannot be download from the website. Then you have to require to follow the guidelines to get rid of this error problem that is pointed out  below.

First of all you have to reboot or restart your PC in safe mode. Before rebooting your system, you need to write down the website on a page or notebook. Because when you reboot in safe mode all the opened pages or files get closed.

To know how to restart your windows PC in safe mode with Network, you can follow the instructions step by step that is pointed out below.

  • Restart the computer then press F8 button again and again
  • After restart some option will be appear, choose the Safe Mode with Networking option
  • Then press Enter Button, after pressing Enter wait for PC to load
  • To continue in Safe Mode a pop up box will be appeared
  • You have to choose  ’Yes’  option to continue browsing in Safe Mode

If you want to know more details and information about how to restart your system in Safe Mode, you can get all the information from the official website of Microsoft.  click here to know more.

When your the browser displays some errors messages such as page not found etc and it doesn’t allow you to browse the websites, that  indicates the virus has changed the system settings of your PC  by using some proxy server,  So to solve or fix the problem you need to require to download the utilities to remove Virus. You have to follow the following methods:

Open the Internet Explorer and click on Tools. Choose Internet Options, After select the following image will be displayed. Click on the Internet Options.

Click on connections options

Internet Options screen

Go to the LAN Settings

Uncheck the Box labeled as Use a Proxy server For your LAN and press OK

After completing all above steps successfully, the Proxy server of your system is disabled. After this process you can able to browse any website without any errors and problem. For best performance  you need to reboot or restart your system and download the utilities that is given below.

Download and Run FixNCR Tool : This application is absolutely free and easily installable without and difficulties. When you have installed this application completely in your system or PC then the virus will be killed or disactivated in your System by adding some values in the Window Registry Editor. During the complete  installation process, you have to select ‘Yes’ option to registry warning messages.

Download Speedy PC Pro Tool : When the virus harms or damages the registry setting and modifies quite entries that cause you PC run extremely slow. Then you need to download and run this software. This software fix all performance related issued and recover your all registry setting along increasing system performance.

Download the Automatic Virus Removal Tool : After download and run, this tool work automatically to clean harmful virus and delete infected files to make your system clean and usable without any difficulties. After all your system is free from virus. To protect your system from future virus and malware attacks, run the automatic update of the software.

Remove Trojan, Spyware, Virus or Malware using

Anti Spyware Software

Download the software to remove the Trojan. Spyware or Malware automatically from the computer.


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